IoT Solutions

At cap-on, we turn your data into success. Our end-to-end solution combines IoT, cloud, and AI to provide seamless data collection and deep analytics. Optimize your processes and increase efficiency — discover the potential of your data.

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Digitize your first pilot machine.

Give your customers real-time insights into their data both in the web app and via API
Save yourself manual inspections with AI-based monitoring 
in the background
Lower downtime thanks to predictive maintenance and automatic alarms
Use IoT solutions as a competitive advantage and position yourself as a digital pioneer

IoT Features

Digitize your fleet as an entry into Industry 4.0

Asset 360° View

All important data at a glance in the cap-on IoT hub

data connectivity

via cap-on IoT gateway for brownfield and greenfield

AI-based monitoring

AI-based anomaly detection as a basis for predictive maintenance

Digital twins

with live view and remote HMI

More features

Intelligent anomaly detection with AI
Fully adaptable web app to your use cases
Suitable for all common PLC types and sensors in new and existing situations!
Remotely manage your device fleet
Data integration into existing systems such as SAP via REST API
Predictive maintenance thanks to automatic alerts with the cap-on Watchtower
View & compare all historical data in interactive charts
Individual roles & distribution of rights
Absolute security thanks to firewall, VPN & access logs

Our products

Cap-on Connect

With cap-on Connect, we help you connect your first system (pilot). Scaling is possible at any time.

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Unique, project-based digitization of your plant using a cap-on IoT gateway
“all-round carefree” approach, in which cap-on analyses, implements and tests
Ensuring data transfer by supporting all common industrial protocols — OPC UA, MQTT, Modbus, and more.
API access for data integration into existing systems such as SAP and Salesforce
Extensive individualizations for your business models, special KPIs and training workshops are possible
Extensive individualizations for your business models, special KPIs and training workshops are possible
Experience has shown that we connect a pilot asset within 1-2 weeks. During the interview, we will analyse your use case in detail.
Cap-on Operations

With cap-on operations, we ensure that our customers can concentrate on their core competencies and that everything runs in the background.

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Secure data transfer via VPN from your system via IoT gateway to the cap-on cloud
24/7 monitoring with alerts with the cap-on watchtower
In-depth analytics, AI-powered anomaly detection, and management reports
Provision of the cap-on IoT hub with individual branding
Secure hosting including daily backups & regular security updates
Extensive individualizations for your business models, special KPIs and training workshops are possible
We offer our gateway as a user-friendly plug and play version to enable our customers to set up easily and quickly. In addition, we provide full operational support to ensure smooth and efficient operation.

Success story: AAA's transformation at MAAG

Together with cap-on, MAAG is not only expanding its offering with profitable AAAS models, but is also digitizing its machine fleet with the help of the cap-on IoT solution. 

The systems are monitored in real time and, thanks to the cap-on watchtower, there is a warning of possible failures. As a result, service costs were significantly reduced. In addition, the systems can be further optimized by analyzing runtime data. MAAG and cap-on are currently working on a solution for secure remote access to the HMI in order to prevent further service calls.

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We connect your first system as a proof of concept

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What is an IoT solution for industrial environments?

An IoT solution for the industrial environment (Industry 4.0) comprises connected devices, sensors and software that are used to optimize production processes, increase efficiency, predict maintenance, and collect and analyze data in real time.

What security measures should be taken for industrial IoT devices?

Safety is critical. This includes encrypting data transfers, regular software updates and patches, secure authentication procedures, network segmentation, and protecting physical devices from unauthorized access. All of this is done in accordance with standards such as the ISO27001 standard.

Are IoT solutions compatible with existing systems?

Many IoT solutions are designed to be compatible with existing industrial control systems and software platforms. However, it is important to check this in advance and make adjustments if necessary.

How is data collected and analyzed from IoT devices?

IoT platforms collect data from various sensors and devices. This data is then stored in databases and can be evaluated using analysis tools to gain insights into production processes, make forecasts and support decision-making processes.

What are the most common use cases for IoT in the industrial sector?

The most common use cases include predictive maintenance, asset tracking, energy monitoring, quality control, and automation of production processes.

What role does artificial intelligence (AI) play in IoT solutions?

AI and machine learning are playing an increasingly important role in processing and analyzing the large amounts of data generated by IoT devices. They make it possible to recognize patterns, make predictions and make automated decisions in real time.

How can I measure the performance of my IoT solution?

Performance can be measured using various key performance indicators (KPIs), including improving production speed, reducing downtime, saving energy, and improving product quality.

How does data connectivity work?

Data is read from the machines or systems via the cap-on IoT gateway and transmitted to the cap-on cloud. Specifically, cap-on offers the option of reading relevant data from the PLC using industrial strandards OPC UA, MQTT, S7 or other technical protocols and automatically sending them.
The IoT gateway is of course equipped with its own firewall. Alternatively, a customer's inventory data can also be transmitted to the cap-on cloud via a technical interface in order to benefit from data processing.