AAA's business models make a significant contribution to ESG-compliant corporate management. With asset-as-a-service and cap-on, plant manufacturers and users benefit from unused ESG potential. Achieve your ESG goals by entering the circular economy, using data potential and complying with ESG regulations.

Entry into the circular economy
Using ESG data potential
Compliance with ESG regulations
Strong ESG partner network

More features
sustainable transformation

circular economy

Sustainable asset management

  • resource efficiency
  • Circular value chains
Sharing models
Sustainable Finance

Financial sector as a key factor in sustainable capital flows

  • New risk parameters and audit priorities
  • BaFin's expectations

Collection of emissions data over the entire life cycle

  • Product Carbon Footprint
  • CO2 neutrality
Corporate Governance

New reporting requirements | ESG Reporting

  • Substantiated contributions to sustainability report
  • factual base